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Guardian Edinburgh books podcast: Roddy Doyle and Mark Forsyth

11 August 2013

Jimmy Rabbitte of The Commitments makes a happy return – as do some of the more exotic words in the world’s dictionaries.

It’s 27 years since Roddy Doyle’s Jimmy Rabbitte started trying to import soul to Dublin. Doyle joins us to update us on his hapless hero, now aged 47 and suffering from bowel cancer. If Jimmy’s stock in trade is the single evasive word – “grand” – Mark Forsyth’s is all the words he might have used were he to have had had access to some of the world’s smaller dictionaries.


Listen to the Podcast. 

Rabbitte Redux – Telegraph Interview

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Read Roddy Doyle’s interview with Jake Kerridge for The Telegraph. 

There is something about Roddy Doyle that reminds you, when you meet him, that he worked as a teacher for many years, even after he had become one of Ireland’s biggest literary celebrities. He has the air of the schoolmaster – a gently sardonic manner belied by the enthusiasm glinting in the eyes behind his owlish specs. My guess is he was a very good one…

Read in interview. 


Two More Pints 2014

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Published in hardback by Jonathan Cape, 11 September 2014, Ebook also available.

Two men meet for a pint – or two – in a Dublin pub. They chew the fat, set the world to rights, curse the ref, say a last farewell…

In this second collection of comic dialogues Doyle’s drinkers ponder: a topless Kate Middleton; Barack and Michelle Obama (‘fuckin’ gorgeous’); David Beckham (‘Would you tattoo your kids’ names on the back of your neck?’ ‘They wouldn’t fit’); Jimmy Savile (‘a gobshite’); the financial crisis (again); abortion (again); and horsemeat in your burger. Once again, those we have lost troop through their thoughts – Lou Reed, Seamus Heaney, Reg Presley, Nelson Mandela, Phil Everly, Margaret Thatcher, Shirley Temple – and they still have the ability to ask the really fundamental questions like ‘Would you take penalty points for your missis?’.